For an even brighter YOU.

For a selfie, for makeup or for a video it has you covered.

One Tool. Several Uses.

Ring lights provide a soft and natural lighting solution, illuminating the subject evenly from all directions and ensuring that no harsh, distracting and unnatural shadows are created.

It’s perfect for all types of close- up photography and videography.

With the Tripod Ring Light, you can adjust the color balance. It will give you full control over the final result.

A ring light is a must-have for close-up portrait photography. The evenly-distributed light it creates eliminates all unwanted shadows created by skin imperfections. This greatly reduces the appearance of wrinkles in your photos and reduces the need for post-processing. It’s no accident that ring lights are so popular for taking selfies! Different angles and distances from the subject can produce various professional- looking effects, such as a beautiful, circular eye glare or a soft halo.
You can’t create a professional-looking video without proper lighting. The 10″ ring light is the perfect solution for videographers who are looking for a portable solution that avoids the harsh shadows created by most single-point lighting systems. The ring light lets you achieve steady lighting even when your subject is moving around.
By letting you manually adjust the color balance, the ring light gives you full control and lets you set the mood and ambience of your shots. Create the perfect match between the subject’s skin tone and the surrounding environment.

Distracting shadows can be a problem with close-up product photography – they can obscure details and make photos look unnatural. The ring light takes care of that problem. Unlike a camera flash, it creates a continuous light that lets you see the final result in advance – this lets you take predictable and high-quality photos without any preparation or bulky equipment. The ring light is perfect for taking pictures and video of food and for macro photography in nature.

Light coming from a single direction can create harsh shadows. Not the ring light! With its soft, evenly distributed light that comes evenly from all directions, shadow transitions become very natural and perfectly compliment anyone’s facial features and skin tone.
It can be difficult to achieve good and steady lighting when you move around. The ring light allows you to mount your smartphone or your camera directly on it, which lets you shoot dynamic Vlogs or live video without having to worry about ambient lighting and the direction it’s coming from.

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"Cool thing. three modes. It is very bright. It can be recharged. I am very satisfied with the purchase."
Alyssa Busey
"I am very happy. The item is as described and all components were included. I like how easy it is to set up and use."​
Poppy Serle​
"It’s really nice! You can change it to 3 different light settings plus increase or decrease the brightness!"
Grace Ransford
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