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5 Creative Ways to Use a Ring Light for Taking Glowing Photos

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There seems to be something missing.

You’ve taken a million selfies but none of them seem to do the trick. There’s either too harsh of shadows or you can’t even see half of your face. All you have for lighting is your bedside lamp.

There’s probably a trick you haven’t considered. A ring light could be the answer to your issues, and there are plenty of things you can do with one!

Below are 5 ways you can use a ring light for photography. Keep reading below to take your photos to a whole new level.

1. Makeup and Hair

If you’re someone who loves doing a full glam look, invest in a ring light to show it off. A ring light will illuminate your face to show all the different pigments and sparkles you used.

It’ll also show off your hair if you want to post a photo of how you recently¬†tried out a new dye or updo. You’ll be sure to capture attention on Instagram. Go ahead and start searching for the best ring light for makeup photography now.

2. Editorial Food Photography

Your carefully cooked waffles drizzled with syrup may look delicious in your eyes, but it can be hard to show just how amazing they are with just a smartphone camera. Make mouths water by using a ring light for food photography.

The bright light will illuminate your set up and vividly show all the textures and colors of your dish.

3. Ambient Light

Do you want a soft glow for some photos? You can use a ring light for that as well.

Simply place the ring light further away from you and a bit to the side. It’ll give some light without being too harsh. You can also use it in addition to other lights during a photoshoot.

4. Selfies on the Go

Grab a portable ring light for photography on the go. It’ll help you level up your selfie game.

It’s obvious why influencers use ring lights of any kind, especially portable ones. Ring lights provide some of the best light for pictures!

5. Headshots

There may be instances where you or a friend need professional headshots. Ring lights are easy to set up and provide plenty of light for an amazing looking headshot.

All you have to do is make sure you’re dressed for success. Research the best way to set up headshots, and don’t forget to smile.

Grab a Ring Light for Photography Now

Using a ring light for photography will take all of your photos to a professional level. Luckily, there are so many ways to use a ring light once you invest in one. It just takes a little bit of creativity.

You can use a ring light for things like food photography, makeup photography, and selfies. Ring lights help illuminate where shadows usually fall, and you’ll be able to better capture vivid colors. Your viewers will be impressed.

We’re sure all of this interests you so go ahead and check out the rest of our site. Order a ring light today and contact us with any questions.