what is a ring light

What Is a Ring Light? + 5 Things You’re Missing Out on by Not Using One

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Maybe you’re a photographer searching for a way to light up your subjects, or a makeup artist who’s struggling to see what’s being applied to your client’s face. You may be a vlogger who’s video looks like some scene out of a dim-lit horror movie.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, if you’re reading this article it’s probably because you’re sitting in a dark room somewhere, wishing you had an affordable way to brighten it up.

So what is a ring light, anyway? Read on and I’ll shine some light on what a ring light can be used for, and why you’ll wish you had bought one sooner.

A ring light is used to provide a controllable source of uniform light to a subject matter. Most ring lights are made using LED lights and have variable settings for brightness and warmth of light. What is the purpose of a ring light? If in your case, the natural lighting source just isn’t enough, then a ring light is the way to go.

1. Make Light For Your Makeup

Putting makeup on has its own challenges- struggling to see what you’re doing doesn’t have to be one of them. With Lumeering’s adjustable lighting settings, you have three options to choose from to brighten up your subject – white, warm white, and warm light.

2. Selfies Say a Thousand Words When There’s Good Lighting

Bring your studio with you by using Lumeering’s selfie ring light. Your selfie photos and video quality will look as if you’re being shot by a crew of trained professionals.

3. What Is A Ring Light Eye Glow Effect?

Give your portrait shots some flare by using a ring light to cast brightness into your subject’s eyes. The result is a rockstar shot that invokes excitement.

Learn Zoner shows you how versatile a ring light can be for all of your portrait photography shots.

4. Light Up Your Videos

No matter how good of quality your camera is that you’re using, if there isn’t good lighting, your videos will look unprofessional. Adding one or two affordable ring lights to your list of equipment will make your videos look like a high budget production.

5. Light Painting

If you’re a photographer looking to up your creative game, try your hand at light painting. Long exposure techniques plus a ring light can add color and diversity to your portfolio.

Are They Worth It?

I hope by now I have answered the question of “what is a ring light?”. However, you still may be asking yourself if they are worth it.

The answer is, without a doubt. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get professional lighting. With a ring light, you can make a poor lit room into a high-end studio for all your production and artistic needs.

Ring lights are light-weight and compact-able, making them the most versatile lighting option out there. So whether you’re an aspiring professional or a makeup enthusiast, do yourself a favor and get one.