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Why Do Influencers Use A Ring Light?

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We live in the social media era, where everyone shares their life through their cellphone. For many, if you are not on social media it’s as if you don’t exist. However, this excessive need to always be on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook has also led to the need of wanting to improve the quality of our photos.

Smartphones are becoming more and more complete, and professional cameras are slowly falling into total disuse. The current cell phone market is immense and bloggers and influencers of the moment can acquire a phone with a very good camera for less than $500, which seems like a great investment.

On many occasions, though, the image quality from our mobile phones will sometimes not reach the professional results we expect. However, there are a few steps we can take to improve our photos without having to make a big investment or buy a professional camera. In fact, we can make use of a ring light.

This small innovative accessory has revolutionized social media and has solved photo quality problems for thousands of influencers.

What Is A Ring Light?

A ring light is still unknown to many people, so below we will try to review its features and use.

The Ring Light is a circular LED that is placed around the camera of our cell phone, automatically improving the quality of our photos by balancing the light. This small LED is similar to a traditional DSLR ring flash, although it is three times cheaper, smaller and much easier to use.

Another type of ring lights is used with a tripod.

Simply said, using a Ring Light can put an end to brightness issues when taking photos.

Which One Should I Choose?

There is currently a wide variety of Ring Lights on the market to choose from, with Lumeering being the most popular among influencers and bloggers.

Lumeering has ring lights that will be adequate to any user’s needs and guarantee an ideal temperature balance in all photos taken. Among its most outstanding LED lights are the Lumeering Tripod Ring Light and the Lumeering Selfie Ring Light, both being perfect for low light situations.

The Ring Lights are able to adjust light temperature, going from warm to cold light without losing quality and offering amazing results in night time photography.

What Is It Used For?

Ring Lights can be used by both professional photographers and amateurs who are looking to improve the quality of their photos.

Professional Makeup

A ring light is perfect for make-up professionals who want better visibility while working. Improving face brightness and highlighting all details, one will also take spectacular pictures of the model with makeup.

Influencers use a ring light

Food photography

Many food photographers are choosing to carry their LED ring light with them, as it will allow them to improve the quality of their photoshoots. The ring lights unify the light and avoid the appearance of annoying shadows that prevent seeing all the details of the photo.

Thanks to the small size of the ring, photographers can easily set it up, reducing their workload.

Beauty Specialists

Beauty specialists love to use this accessory to show their after-work pictures.

For individual and group selfies

Influencers love to take selfies, both alone and in groups. But sometimes, they can have a harsh light that hits them in the face or they can be in a room with no natural light where their faces cannot be seen. With a LED ring light all these problems disappear!

Facebook and Instagram

Whether you want to take a still photo or you love to live broadcast, the Lumeering ring lights help you make sure the image is always perfect and your face is evenly lit. Great lighting is also a must for videos nowadays. Forget about being near a window, with the LED ring light you can broadcast on social platforms your content without any worries. The quality is assured!

Flat Lays

If you have an online business and need the pictures you upload to your page profile to look uniform and professional, using a ring light from Lumeering will be the solution to all your problems. It will allow you to take professional-looking pictures where lights and shadows will not sabotage your pictures. With balanced and uniform results, your photos will always shine.

In conclusion, a ring light is a perfect complement for any photography lover. Start enjoying the benefits that this small ring of light offers. Do you want your social network feed to look professional? Don’t hesitate to buy a ring light.