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Your Ultimate Guide to Taking the Best Selfie Possible

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Did you know that almost two-thirds of Americans take selfies? But, not every selfie is equal. You’re probably not taking Insta-worthy snaps or impressing your friends with your photos.

That’s why you need to make sure you know how to take the best selfie possible.

If you’re not an experienced selfie taker, it’s not easy getting started. That’s why we’re here to help with our amazing tips.

1. Get Your Face Selfie Ready

Would you ever take a photo without looking your best?

Selfie ready means different things for different people. But, you probably don’t want to wake up and go straight on camera.

You probably want to put on your favorite outfit and apply your make-up. Even putting together your hair just how you like it could help.

2. Focus on the Natural Sunlight

Make sure the natural sunlight is right where you want it. There’s nothing worse than a selfie in the shadows.

If you have the sun behind you then everything is likely to be quite blurry. You want the sun in front of you.

Therefore, if you’re indoors, avoid sitting directly in front of the window. You need the light from the window to shine onto your face instead.

If you don’t have any available sunlight, then you need to use a selfie ring light to get the best image.

3. Pick Your Best Angle

Who doesn’t have a better angle? You may prefer one side of your face from the other side. Most people say that the left side is better than the right.

But, the important thing is to make sure you haven’t got a double chin. If you hold your phone down below you, you’ll discover that even the slimmest people won’t be flattered by the result.

You need to reach up high and look forwards to capture your selfie in the best possible manner.

4. Check Your Background

You’re always the star of your selfie. But, that doesn’t mean the background doesn’t matter at all.

Remember, if you’re traveling, you want to grab a scenic view or a famous landmark for the background.

Just make sure you get what you want in the shot. Sometimes you need to explore for hours for the best place to grab a snap.

5. Stabilize Whenever Possible

When you’re taking a selfie, it’s not always easy to get a great shot. Your hand may be shaking and you always ruin the picture.

However, you can usually find a surface to rest your phone on. You just need a tripod to keep it upright to take the photo.

We have a wide range of tripods that can help you to capture your selfie without having to hold the camera yourself.

How to Take the Best Selfie?

If you want to take the best selfie, you need to ensure you prepare in the right way. From getting selfie-ready with makeup and clothes to checking for the perfect background, everything needs to be considered.

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